January 4, 2013

Meet Betty: Our New Model

Meet Betty! Betty is an older model who was well loved and taken care of and I imagine was a beauty in her time.

With the winter weather upon us it's hard to set up photo shoots so I needed an alternative for my product photos for The Rustic Ewe. I've been on the hunt for a mannequin form for quite some time, but the ones I like are priced well out of my price range. So what's a crafty gal like me to do? Why turn to Craigslist of course! I found Betty right here in my home town for the bargain price of $25. SCORE! My Mama agreed to pick her up and even paid for her. DOUBLE SCORE! I've seen some vintage models just like Betty selling for $75 on Etsy!

In a just a few simple steps I was able to transform Betty from an adjustable sewing form into a simple and chic neck warmer model. While Betty might not be runway material she is perfect for my needs. Total cost: $12.

Betty before her transformation
Wrapped in cotton batting and pinned in the back.
I used pins so that I can always restore Betty to her former self.
Wrapped in a linen cotton fabric.
This was the tough part trying to get the fabric to lay as smooth as possible.
I spray painted the plastic topper and added a decorative finial (from a curtain rod).


nursepeggy said...

What a beautiful transformation! A form like that would be a dream of mine. You have inspired me to do some investigating.

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